Farming in city homes is now easy

Take these three simple steps and grow your own vegetables and herbs. Taste the real Freshness grown right at your home.

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  • Choose from a list of plants and your preference of unit

We grow around 40 vegetables, herbs and spice plants. Choose what you would like to grow. Select whether you would like them in a plastic or a wooden crate unit. Our farming units are designed to provide hassle free urban farming experience. Compact and portable, these units sit easily at your rooftops, terraces, balconies and even on wide window sills. These units are complete farming solutions with plants along with growing medium and compost.

Our growing medium is soil less consisting of coco peat, vermicompost and microorganisms thereby eliminating the risk of plants ingesting traces of toxins from the soil. Moreover, this medium is light and has a wonderful water retention capacity. The crates are layered with mulching plastic which are non-toxic and non-carcinogenic.

We also provide metal racks at an extra cost. These racks are designed to place the farming units a bit higher from the ground, making it easier to clean them and to help drain off water without damaging your terrace.

  • Pick up the units off our nursery or get them delivered
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You can pick up the units from our nursery at New Town approach road, Mahishbathan or get them delivered to you by paying the delivery charge.

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  • Place the units where they get good sunlight for at least 5-6 hours, water the plants and enjoy!

The next step is watering and taking care of the plants. With a bit of attention, it is easy to understand if the plants need water. Your job is to keep that check and water them as and when required.

Our Products

Harimitti products

Plastic Crate Unit

Perfect for growing vegetables and herbs, these units are made in durable plastic crates. They are compact, portable and light weight. These crates can accommodate multiple plants and are capable of giving you a satisfying amount of produce.

Length: 22 inches
Width: 14 inches
Depth: 1 foot
Price: Rs. 500/- per unit irrespective of any vegetable or herb. Read Less

Wooden Crate Unit

Made of finest quality of pine wood, these units give your farm acharming look. Specially designed to drain out excess water, these units are durable and long lasting. On large quantity orders, these can be customized to suit to your requirements too.

Length: 22 inches
Width: 14 inches
Depth: 10 inches
Price: Rs. 2000/- per unit irrespective of any vegetable or herb.

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Harimitti products
Harimitti products

Gift a Herb

Give someone you love the gift of good health. This delightful planter made of pine wood is designed to grow herbs. This takes up little space and can fit in any window sill, terrace, rooftop or balcony. Filled with growing medium, compost and the herb plant of your choice; all that one needs to do is water it everyday with love.

Length: 13 inches
Width: 9 inches
Height: 5 inches
Price: Rs. 500/- per unit irrespective of any vegetable or herb

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Mushroom Bucket

Oyster mushrooms are loved around the world for their nutritional content and antibacterial properties. You can now grow them at your home with ease. Just get the Mushroom bucket from Hari Mitti and keep it in a dark place at your home, spray water on it thrice a day and see fresh mushrooms grow right. From each bucket, you get three flushes every 15 days and about 1.5 kg of mushroom.

Price: Rs. 400/- per unit.

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Harimitti products

Annual Maintenance Program

Make your farming experience absolutely hassle free. Here’s what you can expect

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    Weekly monitoring
    of Your Plants

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    Pest Management

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    Refill of your crate with
    a plant that is in season,
    once the harvest
    season is over

We would also assist you in setting up shade to protect the plants from rain in monsoon and nets to protect the plants from birds, rats, or squirrels.


Metal Rack (Holds six units) Rs. 2500/-
Annual Maintenance Charges Depends on the number of crates and the distance
Delivery Charge Depends on the number of crates and the distance