• Milena Chilla-Markhoff

    As a seasonal Kolkata resident, my quality of daily living has vastly improved with Hari Mitti organic products and knowledgeable friendly service. The crates were easy to maintain and the plants gave continuous bountiful harvest. Not only did we have fresh salads every day, I also shared my fresh herbs, tender kale leaves and abundant rocket with so many friends. I can’t wait to return to Kolkata in November and begin a new cycle of rooftop gardening with Hari Mitti!

    - Milena Chilla-Markhoff

  • nabanita

    I was very eager to have my own vegetables growing at home. I found the perfect solution at Hari Mitti.

    - Nabanita Ganguly, Saltlake, Sector 2

  • som

    Seeing children grow give a lot of happiness. I got a taste of this happiness seeing my vegetable plants grow. Thank You HariMitti

    - Som Banerjee, Saltlake , Sector 2

  • sunandita

    The quality of harvest is extremely good. What stands out for me is the exceptional customer service by Hari Mitti. You maintain our plants so well that our farming experience is absolutely hassle free

    Sunandita Burman

  • ushamodi

    Very good, excellent experience. I also visited your nursery and i loved it.

    Usha Modi

  • swapnamishra

    I have just started farming. I am very satisfied by the vegetables. I feel very happy to see the greenery on my terrace.

    Swapna Mishra

  • dummy

    This is dream come true for people like me who wanted to grow their own food. I am loving my breakfast time when i eat home grown fresh lettuce and Bok Choy. Can't wait for the other vegetables to be ready. I also love Hari Mitti's concept of growing in crates. They are superb for space management and my garden stays absolutely clean. Thank you for this easy to maintain urban farming experience Hari Mitti.


  • mrinalini

    A very noble, meaningful and much needed endeavor for today's time. In fast paced life, a touch of green is a welcome break.

    Mrinalini Mukherjee

  • dummy2

    I tried urban farming for the first time. I am very happy

    Tirtha Das

  • dummy3

    Vegetable gardens are the need of the hour. Skyrocketing prices and usages of pesticides promoted me to try growing my own vegetables at home. I am very happy with my results thanks to Hari Mitti.

    Bhaskar Biswas

  • chandrima

    I had been very passionate about gardening ever since childhood and was looking for an opportunity to rekindle my love for tending to plants. This is when I came across Hari Mitti and got inspired by their concept of growing your own vegetables on your terrace. Being a doctor I was naturally concerned about the quality of food intake by my family. Today when I look at my vegetable garden I feel Hari Mitti has created happiness in my terrace.

    Dr. Chandrima Dasgupta, Survey Park

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